Insights into the Weekly Parasha

Rabbi Shlomo Fink leads this most excellent shiur and discussion session on WEDNESDAYS after Ma’ariv at approximately 8:15pm.  All gentlemen are welcome.

Dirshu Bahalacha

Have you ever wanted to deepen your knowledge of Halacha – Jewish Law?  Or to fully understand the whys behind contemporary Jewish practices?  Join in in our lively and interactive Shiur, given by Rabbi Bar. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday following the Shacharit morning service for 15-20 minutes.

Are you up to the challenge of Talmudic Debate? – Talmud Shiur

We explore the evolution of Jewish Law, from the Bible through the Talmud, to current day application, encountering mystical and philosophical concepts along the way . Time for discussion and questions, no talmudic background knowledge required.  Shabbat afternoons during the summer and Friday nights following the service during the winter.

Project SEED

SEED is a one-on-one programme of learning for men that has been running in Southend for over 30 years! It takes place on Mondays after the Ma’ariv service in the Beit Hamidrash.  Please check the Newsletter for dates and times or contact Maurice Symons.

Learning Circles

Our popular Women’s Learning Circle is run by Rebbetzin Devorah Sufrin and takes place in the informal and relaxed setting of people’s homes on Tuesday evenings once a  month.  No prior knowledge is needed, come along and learn about various Jewish topics from textual based to Jewish social issues and more…

We have also started a Men’s Learning Circle jointly run by Rabbi Aryeh Sufrin MBE and our very own Rabbi Bar.  Also taking place on Tuesday evenings in people’s homes at the same time as the Women’s.

If YOU would like to host a Learning Circle, please contact the Shul, we are always looking for venues.  For more information, please contact Rabbi Bar at


No, this isn’t the (now disbanded) teeny-bopper band!  This is Jewish Learning in Southend!  A mini-Limmud style evening a few times a year.  Great food followed by a choice of 3 different speakers, and then everyone gets together for the main speaker at the end.  Please look at the the programmes in the links below of the last three JLS events to get the flavour of what’s to come!

JLS 001  JLS 002  JLS003entle