Shul Library | Books for You

The community library is situated in the Beit Hamidrash. We have an extensive range of books covering all aspects of Jewish interest.  Visitors to the Beit Hamidrash are welcome to browse the books during office hours only.

At the present time we are still re-organizing and cataloguing the books and they are not all in a convenient and presentable arrangement. However, if you know the title then you can contact me Tel: 01702 589105 to see if it or a subject is available.

We are keen to offer as a wide a selection as possible and if there are any books you would like to see in the library, we would be happy to consider obtaining them, so please contact me.

The other area we are keen to expand on is visual and audio.  We will be looking at this aspect as a means we hope of attracting perhaps more of our younger members more used to advances in technological communications.

IMPORTANT  We would ask that visitors to the Beis Hamedrash do not take away books without advising me.  It may be that there are visitors or members in the community who are taking books from the shelves to read or browse.  Can we please request that the books are not returned to the shelves, but can be left on the computer desk in the corner by the window.

If you have books that you no longer require and would like to donate them to the library, please let me know.  Any books donated, can if you so wish be inscribed on the inside with any suitable wording.

IMPORTANT PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE THEM AT THE SYNAGOGUE OFFICE.  Please contact me and collection can be arranged Telephone 01702 589105