Please find below a list of Stone Settings, if information on a relatives stone setting is missing or incorrect, please inform the Shul Office.

11th February 20182.00 pmLawrence SussmanStock Road Cemetery
4th March 20182.00 pmGloria MitchellStock Road Cemetery
4th March 20182.45 pmGertrude GreenbaumStock Road Cemetery
11th March 20182.45 PMKenneth CarterStock Road Cemetery
8th April 20182.00 pmMichael AssenheimStock Road Cemetery
8th April 20182.45 pmJoyce HarrisStock Road Cemetery
15th April 20182.00 pmJoyce WaggStock Road Cemetery
22nd April20182.00pmDoreen NovittStock Road Cemetery
29th April 20182.00 pmIvor LeeStock Road Cemetery
29th April 20182.45 pmFrank Linden29th April 2018
24th June 20182.45 pm Jack BurnsStock Road Cemetery
15th July 20183.00 pmMarilyn & Leonard P BelsonStock Road Cemetery
16th Sept 201811.00 amLily MarksStock Road Cemetery
14th Oct 20182.00 pmLily BlochStock Road Cemetery
14th Oct 20182.45 pmSadie (Sarah) FreedmanStock Road Cemetery