Shul Library | Books for You

Sonny Kosky
Guy Bebb
Carole Jonas

The Synagogue Library in the Beit Hamidrash is now fully operational after a number of years of re-organisation. NEW: We can now offer the community through the this website the facility to search for a title, author or subject on a wide range of books covering all aspects of Jewish interest. Please scroll down this page to start searching.

Members of our community are encouraged to use the library, either to browse and read or borrow the books and details are set out below for your information. There is a book located on Cupboard F for the use of visitors with a listing of all of the books currently available.


The Beit Hamidrash is used for weekday services, study and other events.  Please be respectful and DO NOT enter if it is use.  Best times to visit are: 10.00am – 12.00noon and 2.30pm – 4.30pm Sunday to Thursday and ONLY WHEN THE SYNAGOGUE OFFICE IS OPEN.  You can telephone the Office on 01702 344900.  Depending on circumstances these times may be subject to change.


If you do take any books from the library, you MUST sign them out in the register located on Cupboard F.


The library will be regularly monitored/attended by our volunteers, Guy and Carole to keep the books in order.  Any books taken either to read or borrow should be returned only to the box designated for returned books. We ask that books are returned to the library within one calendar month so that others may read them.


We will endeavour to obtain new and interesting additional books as required but there is limited space on the shelves. If members of the community would like to see any particular titles, please let us know and we will consider all suggestions.  Additionally, if you have books in good condition you would like to donate to the library we are happy to discuss this.  Any books donated, can if you so wish be inscribed on the inside with any suitable wording.  Please DO NOT leave donated books in the library or the Synagogue office.  You can contact Sonny Kosky at or telephone 01702 589105 and he will arrange collection of any suitable books.


There is a copy of all the books on the hook on cupboard F if you wish to browse this way.  You can now also look up books on this website, instructions are below.

For best results, you require a computer or good-sized tablet, the content will be too small on a phone.
Click on the subject area you would like to explore below.
You’ll need a PDF viewer such as Adobe which can be downloaded here.
Once loaded, use the “Find text” function (Ctrl+F or click the magnifying glass icon at the top)
A search box will pop up, type in title, author surname or keyword(s) from the book title.
You can also browse by subject sub-headings.
Books are listed under subject areas shown in light blue.
Location on the bookshelves is shown in orange, and corresponds to the cupboards which are clearly labelled.