Southend Kehila (Jewish Community) Email Group

About Us

SouthendKehila’s aim is to unite and help all Jews living in our wonderful seaside community and the surrounding areas.  It is to offer the community an easy-to-use method of keeping informed about what is happening;

For Example:

– Sharing a Simcha or a sorrow.
– Events, lectures, classes etc…
– Need a lift? Wouldn’t mind giving one to Cheder, Youth Club, London, Airports…
– Going to London, Israel, USA or anywhere in the world, anybody needs anything
– Something you want to buy, sell or if you just want to give away.
– Posting the name of someone who is unwell or in hospital to daven for or to visit.
– Are you looking for a good electrician, plumber, decorator, cleaner, babysitter…

In all these cases and more, SouthendKehila will be of great benefit to you!

This service is free and open to all Jews living in the Southend area or interested in our community, regardless of which Synagogue you belong to.  It is not moderated and there already well over 200 people from the Southend Community!


Rules for the benefit and safety of everyone

Leshon Hora (gossip/slander) will not be tolerated.
– Only Kosher events may be advertised.
– No events that break the laws of Shabbat or Yom Tov may be advertised.
– For religious events, only those taking place in an Orthodox Community may be advertised
– Self catered kosher events may be advertised but it must be mentioned that it is not under the Kashrut of SWHC.

To join just email your name and the email address you want to subscribe. For feedback or to unsubscribe, please email as well.

To post a message to the SouthendK group, please email
G-d Bless and have a wonderful day!

Rabbi Binyamin Bar