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Plot Forename Surname Date Died Hebrew Date Photo
A-4-38 Sarah Rosenberg 14 Feb 1985 23-Sh'vat-5745 Click Here
A-5-39 Samuel Rosenberg 15 Nov 1978 15-Cheshvan-5739 Click Here
A-6-54 Cyril Rosenberg 24 Feb 2016 15-Adar I-5776 Click Here
A-7-55 Jewel Rosenberg 20 Apr 1975 9-Iyyar-5735 Click Here
A-8-70 Lola Levitt 30 Aug 2008 29-Av-5768 Click Here
A-9-72 Hyman Wine 13 Oct 1994 8-Cheshvan-5755 Click Here
A-10-85 Rachel Wine 13 Jun 1990 20-Sivan-5750 Click Here
B-13-244 Rhoda Maureen Waterman 29 Jan 2020 3-Sh'vat-5780 Click Here
B-15-264 Basil Meyer Plaskow 07 Nov 2015 25-Cheshvan-5776 Click Here
B-15-265 Anthony Jones 04 Sep 2023 18 Elul 5783
Forename Surname Date Died