Rabbi’s Message

My name is Rabbi Binyamin Bar and alongside my wife Chaya Faigie, we are privileged to be the Rabbi and Rebbetzin of this wonderful Shul and community. The people here are brimming with warmth and friendliness. There are thousands of Jewish people here, of all ages and backgrounds and it is this special mix that makes us who we are.

For those of you not lucky enough to live in sunny Southend and are just taking a glimpse into our community, then allow me to give you a little guided tour.

A few of the strengths we have other than our members, is a strong Daily Minyan, relaxed uplifting services, a beautiful Shul building with new Sifrei Torah, a lively Cheder and great Youth Club.  We are also so proud of our newly rebuilt state-of-the-art Mikveh, fantastic Kosher Shop and in general our community buzzing with events, charity, social, religious, educational, sometimes formal and others just good Jewish fun!

If you haven’t been to visit, come and say hello, we are a great place for a Shabbos away, we are the nearest seaside to London and although we can’t guarantee the weather, we can assure a very warm welcome.  Please don’t hesitate to contact if you need anything throughout your stay in the area.

To all my fellow “SWHCers”

We are very grateful to the hard work of the website Committee led by Stanley Robinson, very ably helped by Yael Bebb for producing such an attractive website.

Please let me just take this opportunity to highlight a few points on this site.

1) Have you ever wanted to ask a Rabbi a question, but not had the nerve to ask me face to face?  Thought it too basic/obscure/embarrassing/insulting?  Well now is your chance, you can email me at rabbi@swhc.org.uk.

2) If you haven’t joined Southendkehila Email Group yet, now is your chance to start being part of what’s going on.  And if you know someone Jewish in the area, who is not a member, but would like to know and be part of what is going on, they are very welcome to join too.

3) Please check out our wonderful new Events calendar, our educational programme, Shabbat and Yom Tov times for our location are available to view up to years in advance!

4) A website, is a work in progress, so submit your events, news and ideas.  And the more you suggest as to how to make it user friendly, the better it can be.  You can now submit articles to the Latest News section if you have a Jewish or Community interest topics (subject to approval).

5) Keep shopping in “The Shop”, guaranteed the same prices as London. Bring your friends with you, spread the word, the more we buy, the more facilities they can provide.

If anyone would like to chat, ask any questions or make any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at rabbi@swhc.org.uk, 01702 393535.

Have a wonderful day!

Rabbi Binyamin Bar