Please find here a list of Stone Settings, if information on a relatives stone setting is missing or incorrect, please inform the Shul Office.

21 July 242:00Barbara LeeStock Road
4 Aug 2411:30Ena WinstonStock Road
11 Aug 242:00Harvey SymonsStock Road
11 Aug 242:45Sandra WinstonStock Road
12 Sept 2411:00Melvyn ShultonStock Road
22 Sept 241:15John BarnettStock Road
22 Sept 242:00Edwin LangsmanStock Road
29 Sept 241:00Anthony SilversteinStock Road
3 Nov 242:30Sylvia VandermolenStock Road
5 Nov 242:00Linda StoneStock Road
24 Nov 242:30Michael FranksStock Road
1 Dec 2411:00Ernie O'BrartStock Road
15 Dec 242:00Harry RayleighStock Road
23 Feb 252:00David GordonStock Road