Please come along and support our warm and friendly Minyan.

Benefits of Minyan Attendance

– Help to those not familiar with the prayers and with the reciting of Kaddish.
– Spare Tallitot and Tefillin with hands on help.
– Aliya (call-up or other Mitzvah) to the Torah on the weekday or on Shabbat prior to or on the Yahrzeit (yearly anniversary) of your departed loved one.
– Guarantee of a Minyan for a Yahrzeit.
– L’Chayim for the soul of a departed loved one on the Anniversary of a Yahrzeit during weekdays.

To join the Minyan Team please contact Geoffrey Pepper.
Minyan Line: 07984 627257

Minyan Times

Below are the standard times of the daily Minyan services. Please also check on the website and the weekly Shul Newsletter as there can be changes.
We are currently on the Spring/Summer Timetable.

Shacharit | שחרית
Morning Service

Sunday to Friday


Mincha | מנחה
Afternoon Service

Sunday to Thursday
8pm (directly preceding Ma’ariv)

Ma’ariv | מעריב
Evening Service

Sunday to Thursday

Sunday to Thursday
8pm (directly following Mincha)

Mincha followed by Kabbalat Shabbat & Shabbat Mincha & Ma’ariv at the end of Shabbat, please see the weekly Shul Newsletter.

Please come along and support our warm and friendly Minyan.