We are delighted that there is now an eruv in Westcliff that covers SWHC and the surrounding area.

An eruv allows carrying and the pushing of wheelchairs and prams etc. within its boundary on Shabbat.
For more information, please see www.theus.org.uk/article/eruvim

Please find below the map of the new Westcliff Eruv which includes Southend Hospital.

For a more detailed view, you can use this interactive Google map:

If you have a query about the eruv or wish to be added to the Whatsapp broadcast list to be notified each Friday that it is checked and kosher, Whatsapp (no calls or texts please) Aron Engel on

An informative article (PDF format) from the Jewish Tribune explaining how the eruv came about.

Here’s an article about Daniel Rosenfelder, the architect of the Westcliff Eruv.