We have our very own correspondent, Geoffrey Pepper who regularly sends official SWHC news to the Jewish and local press. Please find some recent articles printed and released online.

Jewish Weekly | 27th May 2020

Hamodia | May 2020

Essex Jewish News | April 2020

Essex Jewish News | December 2019

Jewish Chronicle |  22nd November 2019

Essex Jewish News | September 2019

Jewish Chronicle | 4th July 2019
Letters Page: Harmony at the seaside

Jewish Chronicle | 10th May 2019
Ilford’s former rabbi ‘awaits adventures new’ in Southend

Essex Jewish News | March / April 2018
Southend’s Leslie ‘humbled’ by honour from the Queen
Westcliff set £30k target for MDA UK fundraising
Chief skypes Southend
Holocaust Memorial Day commemorated across Essex and East Anglia

Jewish Tribune | 7th March 2018
Southend [Aid Society Annual Music Quiz]

Jewish Weekly | 22nd February 2018
New Southend and Westcliff MDA

Jewish Weekly | 8th February 2018
Jewish learning at Southend

Jewish Weekly | 1st February 2018
HMD commemoration at Southend & Westcliff

Jewish Weekly | 24th January 2018
Southend and Westcliff – phone and learn

Jewish Chronicle | 14th December 2018
Snowed-in Chief Rabbi finds a way to address lunch guests

Jewish Weekly | 14 December 2017
Southend And Westcliff 111th Anniversary – Chief Rabbi`s Grand Celebration Lunch

Hamodia  14th December 2017
Southend and Westcliff Celebrate 111th Anniversary

Jewish Weekly | 7th November 2017
Southend and Westcliff Ladies Guild Celebrity Lunch

Jewish News | 20th September 2017
A Sweet Shiur

Jewish Weekly | 12th September 2017
Israeli Ambassador Visits Southend and Westcliff

Essex Jewish News | September 2017
Southend shul full with talks, walks and events

Hamodia  20th July 2017
Southend and Westcliff Dedicated Shabbosos

Jewish Tribune | 19th May 2017
Southend [Belz Rebbe Visit]

Hamodia | 18th May 2017
[Belz Rebbe Visit]

Jewish Weekly | 4th May 2017
Southend and Westcliff [Yom HaShoah/Yom HaZicharon/Yom Ha’atzmaut]

Jewish Chronicle | 27th April 2017
Survivors address Yom Hashoah events around the country

Hamodia | 2nd March 2017
Thirty-Sixth Annual Quiz Of Southend & District Society

Hamodia | 9th February 2017
Special Shabbos For Southend Kehilla

Yellow Advertiser | 1st February 2017
Holocaust Memorial Day service in Rayleigh

Jewish Tribune | 5th January 2017
Southend & Westcliff [Public Menorah Lighting]

Hamodia | 5th January 2017
Southend & Westcliff – Chanukah

Jewish News | 4th January 2017
Community pays tribute to Kinder survivor Otto Deutsch

Jewish Chronicle | 4th January 2017
Otto Deutsch, Holocaust survivor, dies aged 88

Jewish Chronicle | November 2016
Out and about: November 2016 [AJEX Parade, Slide 14]

Hamodia | 17th November 2016
Shabbat UK in Southend

Hamodia | 17th November 2016
AJEX Members March in Remembrance Parade

Essex Jewish News | October 2016
Double Celebration in Southend
MDA Ambulance
Spotlight on the Southend Community

Hamodia | 29th September 2016
Inspirational Midnight Selichos

Jewish Chronicle | 22nd September 2016
Friends of Israel in Southend

Hamodia | 22nd September 2016
Southend Friends of Israel Launch

Jewish Chronicle | 16th September 2016
Southend hopes Charedi influx will turn the tide

Jewish Tribune | 1st September 2016
Southend [Aid Society Sponsored Walk]

Hamodia | 21st July 2016
Eventful Time for Southend [Cheder and Funday]

Jewish Chronicle | July 2016
Out and about: May 2016 [Cheder Prize-Giving]

Hamodia | 2nd June 2016
Lag BaOmer Community Celebrating

Jewish Chronicle | June 1st 2016
Southend sizzler

Jewish Chronicle | May 2016
Out and about: May 2016 [Agnes Grunwald-Spier Talk]

Basildon, Canvey, Southend Echo | 12th April 2016
Fashion Show Sees £10k Raised For Charities

Jewish News | 7th April 2016
SFI’s Interfaith Meeting

Hamodia | 31st March 2016
Purim at the Shul by the Sea – Southend

Jewish Tribune | 31st March 2016
Southend [Purim]

Jewish News | 10th March 2016
Ashley [Blaker] Amuses in Southend

Jewish Chronicle | 10th March 2016
Southend Friends of Israel launches

Jewish Tribune | 3rd March 2016
Southend [AID Society & Southend Friends of Israel]

Jewish Chronicle | February 2016
Out and About: February 2016 [Ashley Blaker]

Jewish Tribune | 18th February 2016
Southend [Youth Shabbaton]

Jewish Chronicle | 17th February 2016
Web wonder in Southend

Jewish Chronicle | 4th February 2016
Shabbaton success in Southend

Hamodia | 4th February 2016
Increased Learning in Southend
Southend & Westcliff Holocaust Memorial Day Commemoration

Jewish Chronicle | January 2016
Out and About January 2016

Jewish Chronicle | 22nd December 2015
Chanucah lights up in Southend

Essex Jewish News | December 2015
Southend MP and Jewish Care chief join in Aid Society’s 60th anniversary

Hamodia | 26th November 2015
Quiz and Guest in Southend

Jewish Tribune | 5th November 2015
Southend [Dementia Awareness Evening]

Hamodia | 10 September 2015
Emotionally Charged Selichos Service at the ‘Shul by the Sea’