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“I took over this project in September 2015 and established regular contacts with the Jewish Newspapers the objective being to promote SWHC. Over 600 news information releases and feature articles about the Community news have been published across the Jewish Newspapers sector, notably The Jewish Chronicle, Jewish weekly, Jewish Tribune, Hamodia, Jewish Weekly and the Essex Jewish News. If you have any community news or would like to highlight you event, function or activity, I shall be delighted to send it to the newspapers. They do not always print but they do in the majority of cases.”


Recent Press Releases

Archived Press Releases

Jewish Weekly | 8th July 2021
Southend mourns loss of Holocaust Survivor, Leslie Kleinman (z”tl)

Jewish Chronicle | 25th June 2021
Southend offers tours to potential newcomers

Essex Jewish News | March 2021

Essex Jewish News | December 2020

Essex Jewish News | September 2020

Jewish Weekly | 27th May 2020
Newly Formed Chesed Club

Hamodia | May 2020

Essex Jewish News | April 2020

Essex Jewish News | December 2019

Jewish Chronicle | 22nd November 2019
Mitzvah Day Photo Special

Essex Jewish News | September 2019

Jewish Chronicle | 4th July 2019
Letters Page: Harmony at the seaside

Jewish Chronicle | 10th May 2019
Ilford’s former rabbi ‘awaits adventures new’ in Southend

Essex Jewish News | March / April 2018
Southend’s Leslie ‘humbled’ by honour from the Queen
Westcliff set £30k target for MDA UK fundraising
Chief skypes Southend
Holocaust Memorial Day commemorated across Essex and East Anglia

Jewish Tribune | 7th March 2018
Southend [Aid Society Annual Music Quiz]

Jewish Weekly | 22nd February 2018
New Southend and Westcliff MDA

Jewish Weekly | 8th February 2018
Jewish learning at Southend

Jewish Weekly | 1st February 2018
HMD commemoration at Southend & Westcliff

Jewish Weekly | 24th January 2018
Southend and Westcliff – phone and learn

Jewish Chronicle | 14th December 2018
Snowed-in Chief Rabbi finds a way to address lunch guests

Jewish Weekly | 14 December 2017
Southend And Westcliff 111th Anniversary – Chief Rabbi`s Grand Celebration Lunch

Hamodia 14th December 2017
Southend and Westcliff Celebrate 111th Anniversary

Jewish Weekly | 7th November 2017
Southend and Westcliff Ladies Guild Celebrity Lunch

Jewish News | 20th September 2017
A Sweet Shiur

Jewish Weekly | 12th September 2017
Israeli Ambassador Visits Southend and Westcliff

Essex Jewish News | September 2017
Southend shul full with talks, walks and events

Hamodia 20th July 2017
Southend and Westcliff Dedicated Shabbosos

Jewish Tribune | 19th May 2017
Southend [Belz Rebbe Visit]

Hamodia | 18th May 2017
[Belz Rebbe Visit]

Jewish Weekly | 4th May 2017
Southend and Westcliff [Yom HaShoah/Yom HaZicharon/Yom Ha’atzmaut]

Jewish Chronicle | 27th April 2017
Survivors address Yom Hashoah events around the country

Hamodia | 2nd March 2017
Thirty-Sixth Annual Quiz Of Southend & District Society

Hamodia | 9th February 2017
Special Shabbos For Southend Kehilla

Yellow Advertiser | 1st February 2017
Holocaust Memorial Day service in Rayleigh

Jewish Tribune | 5th January 2017
Southend & Westcliff [Public Menorah Lighting]

Hamodia | 5th January 2017
Southend & Westcliff – Chanukah

Jewish News | 4th January 2017
Community pays tribute to Kinder survivor Otto Deutsch

Jewish Chronicle | 4th January 2017
Otto Deutsch, Holocaust survivor, dies aged 88

Jewish Chronicle | November 2016
Out and about: November 2016 [AJEX Parade, Slide 14]

Hamodia | 17th November 2016
Shabbat UK in Southend

Hamodia | 17th November 2016
AJEX Members March in Remembrance Parade

Essex Jewish News | October 2016
Double Celebration in Southend
MDA Ambulance
Spotlight on the Southend Community

Hamodia | 29th September 2016
Inspirational Midnight Selichos

Jewish Chronicle | 22nd September 2016
Friends of Israel in Southend

Hamodia | 22nd September 2016
Southend Friends of Israel Launch

Jewish Chronicle | 16th September 2016
Southend hopes Charedi influx will turn the tide

Jewish Tribune | 1st September 2016
Southend [Aid Society Sponsored Walk]

Hamodia | 21st July 2016
Eventful Time for Southend [Cheder and Funday]

Jewish Chronicle | July 2016
Out and about: May 2016 [Cheder Prize-Giving]

Hamodia | 2nd June 2016
Lag BaOmer Community Celebrating

Jewish Chronicle | June 1st 2016
Southend sizzler

Jewish Chronicle | May 2016
Out and about: May 2016 [Agnes Grunwald-Spier Talk]

Basildon, Canvey, Southend Echo | 12th April 2016
Fashion Show Sees £10k Raised For Charities

Jewish News | 7th April 2016
SFI’s Interfaith Meeting

Hamodia | 31st March 2016
Purim at the Shul by the Sea – Southend

Jewish Tribune | 31st March 2016
Southend [Purim]

Jewish News | 10th March 2016
Ashley [Blaker] Amuses in Southend

Jewish Chronicle | 10th March 2016
Southend Friends of Israel launches

Jewish Tribune | 3rd March 2016
Southend [AID Society & Southend Friends of Israel]

Jewish Chronicle | February 2016
Out and About: February 2016 [Ashley Blaker]

Jewish Tribune | 18th February 2016
Southend [Youth Shabbaton]

Jewish Chronicle | 17th February 2016
Web wonder in Southend

Jewish Chronicle | 4th February 2016
Shabbaton success in Southend

Hamodia | 4th February 2016
Increased Learning in Southend
Southend & Westcliff Holocaust Memorial Day Commemoration

Jewish Chronicle | January 2016
Out and About January 2016

Jewish Chronicle | 22nd December 2015
Chanucah lights up in Southend

Essex Jewish News | December 2015
Southend MP and Jewish Care chief join in Aid Society’s 60th anniversary

Hamodia | 26th November 2015
Quiz and Guest in Southend

Jewish Tribune | 5th November 2015
Southend [Dementia Awareness Evening]

Hamodia | 10 September 2015
Emotionally Charged Selichos Service at the ‘Shul by the Sea’