Shul Email List
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Official Facebook Page
Here you will find photos, adverts for events, social media links etc



SouthendKehila Email Group
Now an independent group, open to all Jewish communities (Orthodox, Reform, Chassidic) and individuals in Southend and the surrounding area. It has a steering committee with representation from SWHC and the Southend and District Reform Synagogue. It also has links to Jewish Care and all the local charities.

Its primary aims are:

  • to provide a central source of information for events and classes across the Jewish community, which are open to everyone irrespective of a particular religious group or affiliation.
  • to provide a forum for members to ask for and give help (e.g. lift to London, something to buy or sell, recommendation for a plumber).  But no commercial advertising.
  • to provide news directly affecting our community especially in respect of security matters

It discourages political posts and is not a “chat room” for that and related matters.

All posts are reviewed for the admin team before release.

To join – email


WestcliffKehila Email Group
This email group is unmoderated, allows all adverts, political posts, general chit-chat and discussion on any subject.  However rudeness or personal attacks will see the poster banned after a warning.

To join, visit


Jewish Southend on Sea Facebook Group
This is a group run by Anne Marcus that is for all Jewish people who live or once lived in Southend.  Here you’ll find member posted photos and memories of Jewish Southend’s past as well as present day posts.  A good place to reminisce and catch up with old friends.


EssexK Facebook Group
This is a group for the wider Essex community to post annoucements, adverts, events or anything related to the Jewish community or to ask for help.  Visit the group page to request to join.