Shul Email List
To join please fill in the form at the bottom right of this page in the footer or email the Shul Office and request to join.

Official Facebook Page
Here you will find video streaming from the Rabbi (in lockdown), photos, adverts for events, social media links etc


Southend Kehila Email Group
This email group is moderated, it’s rules and aims can be found here.

To join, email

Westcliff Kehila Email Group
This email group is unmoderated, allows all adverts, political posts, general chit-chat and discussion on any subject.  However rudeness or personal attacks will see the poster banned after a warning.

To join, visit

Jewish Southend on Sea Facebook Group
This is a group run by Anne Marcus that is for all Jewish people who live or once lived in Southend.  Here you’ll find member posted photos and memories of Jewish Southend’s past as well as present day posts.  A good place to reminisce and catch up with old friends.

Essex Facebook Group
This is a group for the wider Essex community to post annoucements, adverts, events or anything related to the Jewish community or to ask for help.  Visit the group page to request to join.