The community has for many years had its own cemetery at Stock Road in Southend. Burial fees are an optional addition to Synagogue subscriptions, and although Southend and Westcliff is an independent congregation, arrangements can usually be made with some other major synagogues (e.g. United) to carry over some burial cover for those moving into the area.

The community has its own Burial Society (Chevra Kadishah) and the men and women work on a purely voluntary basis. In addition to their duties at the Beth Olam, the Chevra Kadishah also assist in arrangements for Shivah wherever necessary.

Cemetery Opening Times

Sunday – Friday
10am – 3pm GMT
Sunday – Friday
10am – 4pm BST


Cemetery Rules

When parking at the Cemetery, please do not park on the grass areas, as this is Consecrated Ground.
Smoking is forbidden on the Grounds.
All mobile devices to be switched off on entering the Prayer Hall.
Ladies and Gentlemen should have their heads covered and should be dressed appropriately.
When paying your respects and leaving stones on memorials, please only place the stones on the concrete base edge as leaving stones on the marble, discolours the cover slab.
All memorials are the responsibility of the family and you are encouraged to take out the appropriate Insurance Cover.
Should you move outside the ‘SS’ post code, there is a charge to the family by the Undertakers (for transportation to Southend).
The Cemetery Committee is urgently in need of volunteers to help out at Levoyas (Funerals) and Stone Settings (handing out books, parking attendants).